The Akron site development experts at Akron Precision specialize in asphalt and concrete construction for site development projects for commercial, industrial and municipal projects. From subsoil and base stabilization, installation of limestone, gravel, top soil, curbs and gutters, to excavation, grading and retention and detention — our professional site development contractors know that durability and longevity of your next job begins with professional, high-quality work that forms the foundation for a successful project.

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Sub Soil & Base Stabilization

The asphalt sub soil stabilization experts at Akron Precision specialize in preparing sub-base soils with a high load-bearing capacity — allowing the finished asphalt or concrete surface to withstand heavier traffic usage. Akron Precision’s soil stabilization process includes pulverizing and then mixing the soil with binders, compaction and finally curing the soil to create a very dense and stable base for the desired surface. Professional sub-soil and base stabilization results in improved durability and long-term functionality of your asphalt or concrete surface. Learn more about sub soil & base stabilization here.

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Chip Seal Installations

If your next project demands a tight budget, Akron Precision’s chipseal installation process remains the most affordable option for parking lot, road or street paving and resurfacing. street and pavement resurfacing. While chip sealing offers strength, durability and functionality, it can also cost about 30 to 40 percent less than traditional pavement overlays. Learn more about chip seal installations here.

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Paving Fabric Installations

In order to preserve asphalt and concrete pavements that need extra protection from water, Akron Precision’s technicians might suggest the use of paving fabric. This nonwoven, needle-punched paving support substance absorbs and holds an asphalt cement binder to provide a durable, stable, waterproofing membrane designed to increase the longevity of your surface. Learn more about paving fabric installations here.

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Excavation & Grading

Akron Precision’s grading and excavation specialists offer a solid track record of quality, dependable services for a wide range of excavation and grading needs for your next construction project.

From sewer and water connections, new construction and site development work to parking lot removal, drainage system modifications or general earth removal — our professional Akron excavation and grading technicians will deliver quality results on time and on budget. Learn more about excavation & grading here.

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Retention & Detention

Akron Precision’s retention and detention technicians can custom engineer unique solutions for your next project using either box culverts or flexible panel vault systems that will produce the highest quality results and save both time and money.

Our skilled and experienced retention and detention contractors specialize in constructing underground storm water systems to properly capture and store runoff in large pipes or underground substructures. These systems typically are constructed in newly developed areas where land costs are high and land availability is scarce. Learn more about retention & detention here.

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Underground Utilities Installation

The underground utility installers at Akron Precision knows firsthand that dealing with underground utilities that need to last for decades requires extreme accuracy and precision using state-of-the-art technology. Whether your project requires installations for water distribution, sanitary sewer or storm runoff, with pipe sizes ranging from three inches to one inch to 90 inches — our underground install experts will deliver exceptional results down to the smallest detail. Learn more about underground utilities installation here.

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Catch Basins & Drainage Systems

If you’ve ever driven your car during April, you know the damage that extreme weather can cause to asphalt and concrete surfaces. Areas surrounding grates and drains where water can collect — also known as catch basins — are especially vulnerable to the constant freeze and thaw cycles that cause expansion and contraction in the surfaces surrounding the drain.

The catch basin repair experts at Akron precision specialize in the maintenance and repair of asphalt surfaces surrounding drainage areas. In most situations, catch basin and drainage system problems can be fixed by adjusting the ring around the drain. By adding or removing an adjustment ring our professionals can restore the proper elevation to the area and resume proper water flow to improve drainage. Learn more about catch basins & drainage systems here.

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Limestone, Gravel & Top Soil Installations

Crushed stone aggregate plays a vital role in most site development and construction projects. Akron Precision’s quality limestone, gravel and topsoil remain a viable aggregate option for your next commercial construction project. Learn more about limestone, gravel & top soil installations here.

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For more information on how Akron Precision’s professional site development contractors can improve the curb appeal of your business, contact us today or call us directly at 330.253.44458.