While concrete can be more durable and last longer than asphalt, it is not as flexible — especially when exposed to extreme heat in the summer (contraction) and extreme cold in the winter (expansion). In order to counteract the temperature-related movement of concrete, joints are installed to reduce cracking and other damage caused by material compression throughout the surface.

However joints do not last forever, and the Akron joint and crack sealing contractors at Akron Precision know that when joints get old and worn, they need replacing. Akron Precision uses high quality joint sealing materials to reduce the amount of water and solids that enter a concrete joint, extending the lifespan of concrete parking lots, roadways and other concrete surfaces.

If cracks have already occurred, our technicians can fill and then seal the existing cracks before they spread or increase in size. When cracks and worn joints are addressed in time, our experts can provide you with solutions that will prolong the life of your concrete surface and reduce the likelihood that you will need full replacement.

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