For almost 40 years, Akron Precision has proudly delivered environmentally-friendly asphalt paving and concrete construction products and services — combined with state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge solutions — to residential, commercial, municipal and industrial clients throughout Ohio, the Midwest and across the United States.

In order to remain competitive, ensure quality work and easily handle any size project, we own all of our equipment and constantly evaluate our machinery to stay equipped with the most modern, environmentally safe equipment and vehicles. This also allows us to produce eco-friendly porous asphalt and porous concrete — helping to reduce the damage to the environments of the communities we serve.

Of course, we always strive to protect and serve the communities we work in, and as such we maintain a strong commitment to following environmentally supportive practices throughout each and every project we complete. We currently recycle all of the asphalt pavement we excavate or mill out, and we recycle all of the concrete pavement that we excavate during projects. In addition, all of the waste oil from our equipment and vehicles is recycled.

Our commitment to supporting the environment is not something we take lightly. We truly understand and appreciate the impact that we can have and strive to help improve the areas we work in — and not be a burden on the environments we serve.

For more information on Akron Precision’s environmentally-friendly green practices, contact us today or call us directly at 330.253.4445.