Akron Precision’s grading and excavation specialists offer a solid track record of quality, deoendable services for a wide range of excavation and grading needs for your next construction project.

From sewer and water connections, new construction and site development work to parking lot removal, drainage system modifications or general earth removal — our professional Akron excavation and grading technicians will deliver quality results on time and on budget.

Proper excavation and grading processes remain vital to the successful completion of foundation, road, railway and surface drainage projects. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our grading and excavation crews bring years of experience and knowledge to everything from digging basements to preparing large sites for commercial development.

If your property is experiencing issues with poor drainage, our expert grading contractors can identify the problem and find the best solution for your situation. Simply ignoring or delaying repair for a drainage problem can result in expensive replacement costs. Our technicians can fix uneven ground or redirect the flow of storm water to a different area.

For more information on how Akron Precision’s professional grading and excavation contractors can improve your next construction project, contact us today or call us directly at 330.253.4445.