Professionally installed concrete curbs and concrete gutters can improve and beautify the look of your retail parking lot or street. The akron concrete curb and gutter contractors at Akron Precision will create clean, straight lines of curbing that will enhance the attractiveness of your asphalt or concrete surface and the overall appearance of your entire property.

Properly installed concrete curbing outlines the edge of pavement and provides esthetic and functional borders around your asphalt or concrete surface. Concrete curbs also help collect water from crowned pavement, while concrete gutters guide the water for collection in another location. This simple process not only reduces the amount of water under your pavement but — since these elements control the water on your surface — it eliminates the need for ditches along roads or parking lots.

Our concrete curb specialists can repair or replace curbing that has become cracked or damaged. If left in disrepair, these broken or missing segments can cause damage to cars and drivers and increase the likelihood of standing water that can seep underneath asphalt and cause cracking.

For more information on how Akron Precision’s professional concrete curb and gutter experts can improve the look of your business, contact us today or call us directly at 330.253.4445.