The Akron concrete construction experts at Akron Precision specialize in concrete installation for new construction and site development, along with concrete reconstruction, replacement and repair. Whether you need concrete experts for a large foundation, highway work, curbs, drains or other concrete structures, our professional concrete contractors know that proper installation and maintenance of your concrete structure remains vital to extending the life and long-term integrity of your concrete construction project.

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New Concrete Construction

Concrete installation for new construction projects requires specialized equipment, quality materials and experienced technicians trained to produce professional results. Akron Precision’s new concrete construction contractors stand out from the competition when it comes to handling concrete installation for new construction. Learn more about new concrete construction here.

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Concrete Replacement & Reconstruction

Akron Precision specializes in concrete replacement and reconstruction services that — when completed properly by experienced professionals — will save you both time and money. Our concrete experts know from experience that concrete structures must be protected and preserved to ensure that they will last as long as possible. Learn more about concrete replacement and reconstruction here.

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Joint & Crack Concrete Sealing

While concrete can be more durable and last longer than asphalt, it is not as flexible — especially when exposed to extreme heat in the summer (contraction) and extreme cold in the winter (expansion). In order to counteract the temperature-related movement of concrete, joints are installed to reduce cracking and other damage caused by material compression throughout the surface. Learn more about joint and crack concrete sealing here.

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Curb, Gutter Concrete Installs & Repair

Professionally installed concrete curbs and concrete gutters can improve and beautify the look of your retail parking lot or street. The akron concrete curb and gutter contractors at Akron Precision will create clean, straight lines of curbing that will enhance to the attractiveness of your asphalt or concrete surface and the overall appearance of your entire property. Learn more about curb, gutter concrete installs and repair here.

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Recycled Concrete Installation

When it comes to protecting the environment and exercising earth-friendly practices, Akron Precision proudly serves as a leader in the industry. Akron Precision recycles 100 percent of the used concrete from its projects — eliminating thousands of tons of reusable materials from the landfill — and incorporates these materials into aggregate for other projects. Learn more about recycled concrete installation here.

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Concrete Slip Form Curbing

The slip form concrete curbing process allows concrete to be poured into a continuously moving form. This single non-interrupted, cast-in-place concrete structure reduces the settling often seen with sectioned, precast concrete. Learn more about concrete slip form curbing here.

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Concrete Driveway Paving

When you need a new concrete driveway or concrete driveway repair, the professional Akron concrete driveway contractors at Akron Precision will handle all aspects of your driveway project from start to finish. Learn more about concrete driveway paving here.

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For more information on how Akron Precision’s professional concrete paving contractors can improve the curb appeal of your business, contact us today or call us directly at 330.253.44458.